I provide psychotherapy, psychological consultations and professional guidance. I am Kela-qualified. I am educated as a psychologist and psychoanalytic psychotherapist. I also have experience from occupatinal health care and am familiar with concerns of professional working life.

Psychotherapy is an effective way to research and cure the mind. Psychotherapy is a process where the therapist helps you to get familiar with yourself and the parts of you that causes problems in your life. It is an interactional journey to the mind where thoughts, emotions, meanings and even the uncounsious is studied. Psychotherapy is scientifically proven to be an effective treatment for most mental problems.

The psychoanalytic psychotherapy focuses on how interactional problems affect you today. What in your current life situation causes problems. This requires good knowledge of both the present and the past relations and expericenses. In an interactional process the therapist helps you to study also those sides of you that you are less familiar with, the uncounsious part. Psychotherapy can help you solve the problems that you have had problems to cope with.

You can have a temporary difficult situation, current problems or a difficult situation that lasted a long time. Psychotherapy starts with a few evaluation consultations, where the patient and the therapist both try to deside if psychotherapy is the right treatment. Sometimes a difficult situation can be solved with a few visits, sometimes longe psychotherapy is needed. Reserve an appoinment and together we can decide what would be the solution for you.